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G1298 Reviews

G1298 Review – the word G1298 should be familiar with you. Or You may have encountered its alternatives once.

The names G1298 or its alternatives like G1298.COM are strongly linked with illegal prostitude services in Singapore. These sex forums used to be really popular among men wishing to get cheap escorts services. For the most part, most of the girls presented on these websites were Chinese. While and G1298 were actively working for many years, now they are closed. This became possible due to numerous violations in their activities, which attracted the attention of Singaporean police.

SAMMYBOYFORUM is said to be a website or APP where one can meet girls (basically just prostitute) for sex experience. A closer examination reveals, however, that it is simply a website that advertises girls selling sexual services. The girls on such a website are essentially prostitutes.

It is lawfully wrong in Singapore to engage prostitution in public or through a public media such as a website on the internet. As a result, a site like G1298 is breaking the law in Singapore and should be shut down.

Indeed, G1298 and similar prostitution websites have been blacklisted and blocked by IMDA, so you won’t be able to access them unless you use a VPN.

Most of the girls listed on such websites are from mainland China, Thailand, and, more lately, Vietnam. They are usually here on a tourist visa, a student visa, or a paid work visa, and if caught, they will be deported back to their home countries.

The authorities undertake regular search on massage parlors suspected of allowing girls to perform sexual services on their premises.

While you may not be legally culpable as a customer, if you are caught in the act with one of the females during a police raid, you may be implicated in the investigations. For others of you, the shame and difficulties in explaining the issue to your spouse or family can be even more troubling.

Should you visit G1298 and other similar sites?

We strongly advise you not to use G1298 and similar sites, as well as uncontrolled, unregulated free classified sites like Backpage SG and Locanto. To avoid needless interactions with law enforcement and personal shame, avoid visiting such sites and the girls advertised on them.

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